Go #zeroemission to cut #climate pollution

Want a safer #climate? Commit to cut daily #airpollution levels by going #zeroemission and make the urgent necessary switch to a low-carbon, low-impact lifestyle.

Choose clean #solar energy and #divest your super and banking from polluting fossil fuel investments. Ditch the toxic gas guzzler for public transport or a bicycle, a plug-in hybrid or #electric vehicle.


Ask an ethical bank like Bendigo to help with green loans for purchase or conversion, and disconnect from polluting domestic gas to replace with clean solar panels plus battery storage

Offset travel emissions via the gold standard accredited Carbon Neutral biodiverse tree planter and start growing your own salad vegetables and fruit at home to reduce wastage, food miles and plastic packaging.

Join safe climate lobbying organisations promoting divestment and clean renewable energy such as 350.org.au

Join your local Transitions Towns group to learn how to grow your own food and reduce dependence on fossil fuels. Support community solar projects nationwide via CORENA Fund – Citizens Own Renewable Energy Network Australia

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