See climate change on the big screen

DISRUPTION. Released internationally on September 7, this US film aims to build a mass street protest movement in the lead up to the UN Climate Summit where leaders gather before the vital Paris 2015 negotiations. See it online at:


Watch the trailers for the  Years of Living Dangerously climate change ‘TV event’ documentary series by Avatar filmmaker James Cameron, producer Jerry Weintraub and Arnold Schwarzenegger coming out in Australia soon on SBS.  It shows the devastating impacts of global warming so far on communities, outlining the dangers of further inaction on climate. Interviews are led by former 60 Minutes journalists and concerned celebrities including Matt Damon, Don Cheadle, Olivia Munn, Harrison Ford, Jessica Alba…  Read a review by Climate Progress.  Also available online.

Years of Living Dangerously, 2014
Years of Living Dangerously, 2014

See just how serious the global ice melt situation is via the visually stunning film Chasing Ice made by adventurer, filmmaker and photographer James Balog. His team put their lives on the line to record glaciers melting over several years to show the world the damaging impacts of burning fossil fuels. Footage includes the largest iceberg calving event ever captured on film. ( runs film nights showing this movie. To organise a screening in your area email: Learn more at and read about The Big Meltdown in the 2014 Ocean Geographic Polar Edition.

Chasing Ice by James Balog.
Chasing Ice by James Balog.

Watch the trailer of the movie Do the Math –’s Bill McKibben gives the hard facts on climate change, what’s causing it, and the solutions. ( runs film nights showing this movie. To organise a screening in your area email:


See David Attenborough’s recent BBC documentary ‘Climate Change – Britain Under Threat’ – bearing in mind this was pre-2014 record UK floods.

Watch the Australian film on the health impacts of fossil fuels: The Human Cost of Power

See The Age of Stupid movie trailer, a film looking back from the future asking why we didn’t take action on climate when we have the chance:  “We could have saved ourselves…”

The Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change has released a video on its Fifth Assessment, which is due to be issued in March. Watch Climate Change – State of the Science, via Welcome to the Anthropocene.

Watch the trailer of The Island President, a film about trying to save the Maldives from rising sea levels due to manmade climate change.

See the trailer of Thin Ice, a movie exploring what climate scientists are up to and why, and what they’ve discovered.

The film Revenge of the Electric Car shows the resurgence of climate-friendly EVs, following on from the original documentary Who Killed the Electric Car?

The original climate change movie: An Inconvenient Truth. Watching this film today makes you realise just how many years have passed since it came out and how many more extreme weather events we’ve suffered – yet we’re still not acting on the scientific warnings.

Famous Australians call for effective climate action, including keeping a price on carbon.  Not a film, but you’ll recognise many of the actors, musicians, artists and other well known faces featured.


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Based in Perth, Western Australia, Tanyia Maxted writes on the climate crisis, divestment from the fossil fuels causing climate change, and solutions such as solar-charged electric cars.  The mother-of-two previously worked in water science communication for an Australian Government-funded national research centre, and in science communication for two Perth universities. See archived articles for ScienceNetworkWA and her UK-published books via Amazon.